Monday, July 20, 2015

Taiwan: a lobster named mama

I have long had a thing against Maryland. I guess it's because I hail from the Virginia side of the DC area and I'm supposed to? I suppose holding illogical grudges isn't something to be proud of, but I am! I will say, there does seem to be some really good and interesting "ethnic" food in Rockville (remember the Polish market?). I toyed with the idea of eating at Toki Underground, which serves "Taiwanese ramen" in DC's Atlas District, but ultimately decided that Fusion Supper Club (formerly Bob's Noodle 66 -- neither name makes any sense to me???) appealed more even if it's on a boring ugly street in Rockville. I don't think there are that many places from this blog that I would return to, but Fusion is a definite exception. Or at least I would go back if it weren't all the way in Rockville. But if I was in Rockville and hungry, I would head straight for Fusion. It's not that food we had was exactly life-changing, but it was all really good and I feel like we only scratched the surface of the menu: three-cup chicken, oyster pancake, a pork and cuttlefish dish, and Chinese broccoli for good measure. I have to say, the pancake (an omelet really) was maybe the kind of thing you have to grow up eating to really enjoy. I did like it, but it is a very gluey omelet (cornstarch!) and it took a few bites to accept that. I can't say why we didn't order any noodles, except that we were mainly going on the waiter's recommendations for good Taiwanese dishes (there are other regional Chinese dishes available, though Taiwanese is the dominant thing. It's just a matter of knowing which dishes are considered Taiwanese). After we had finished and I was hanging out with the toddler by the lobster tank (the real highlight for him, though he was pretty fascinated by chopsticks (feed me with sticks mama!) and he does love white rice with a passion), I noticed the chef/a cook pulling noodles and tossing them into a boiling wok. So you see, Maryland isn't all bad (the drivers...another story)!

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