Friday, May 16, 2014

Puerto Rico is also not a country

If I had my way and if the Puerto Ricans wanted full statehood, Maryland and Deleware would be joined to make one state (Maryware (randomly the name of a bunch of my ancestors) or Deleland???) so that we could stay at a nice even fifty. But until the Puerto Ricans make up their's not quite a state and definitely not a country. I've spent several weeks in Puerto Rico and lived in New York, where there is plenty of Puerto Rican food if you go looking, and I can report that Puerto Rican food is fine. I don't love it (especially not all the fritters and lack of green vegetables), but it's not inedible or anything. Given my lack of enthusiasm for the cuisine, I actually really liked the Boriquen Lunch Box, a DC food truck. We tracked them down one Friday evening at Port City Brewing, an Alexandria brewery with a bar-of-sorts. The brewery doesn't serve food, but they do host different food trucks on different nights. I had envisioned a Biergarten where the little one could frolick and we could sit, but alas ... the tasting room is equipped only with standing tables. We got Cuban sandwiches (they really do eat these in Puerto Rico) and tostones to go, along with a six-pack from the brewery. If you aren't ridiculous enough to bring a baby to a brewery, it looks like a lot of fun. Of course an outdoor area would be good for all ages, but...

BLB's food, while not life-changing, is good. They don't have a ton of options (it's a food truck after all), but our sandwiches were up to par. I get a craving for a Cuban sandwich every now and again and I would happily accept one from BLB when next the craving strikes. Puerto Rican will never be my favorite cuisine, but who even knows what Delawarean food is???

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