Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Australien: Ich habe es wirklich versucht

I am starting to think that this project may be something of a curse. Chraazan, the Afghan restaurant closed shortly after I visited it. I noticed that the Great Australian Bite had closed on my way to the Armenian Amberd. And try as I might, I wasn't able to make a reservation at Billabong (lame name, I know). The Billabong website states that they are closed for vacation from April 14. I initially assumed that they just hadn't gotten around to taking the message down - surely a restaurant doesn't go on vacation for two entire months? In the end, it seems that Billabong has closed as their phone is disconnected and they aren't responding to emails. You cant say I didn't try....

Lest you think I would let the closing of not one but two Australian restaurants deter me, I am here to report that Ululu Resort, "The Australian PUB in Berlin" is going strong. And while it is not all that Australian, the motto does seem to ring true. (Full disclosure: there are two branches of Restaurant Corroboree in Berlin, but this place looks so cheesey, so touristy, even the German-language reviews on Qype, etc. so bad .... I just couldn't subject myself to the croc tournedos or springbock steak. sorry.) I don't know that I would recommend Ululu in the winter because it really does reek of stale cigarette smoke, but on a warm June evening it was pleasant enough to sit at a table in front of the restaurant and sip a glass of Australian Chardonnay. Alas, the Chardonnay is the only Australian thing on the menu (there may be Bratwurst on the weekends, but the official menu is just drinks - with the exception of the unremarkable Chardonnay, it's the same beers and Erdbeer Bowle (strawberry wine cooler/punch) you find in any non-trendy Berlin bar). According to the friendly owner "the Australia part is really just a facade; it's basically a stammkneipe (local pub)." Well...at least he was being honest.

Ululu Resort
Rykestr. 17

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